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Customer Satisfaction 

At Marathon Distribution Services we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and proactive -- to adapt to changing times and seek a balance between creativity and bottom line efficiency. We believe in offering our customers something unique -- personal attention with a focus on superior innovative service.

Our Vision

Based in Rancho Dominguz, CA, Marathon Distribution Services is the premier 3PL Supply Chain Management provider with over 850,000 square feet of warehousing space in multiple locations just minutes from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, LAX, rail yards and freeway system.


All facilities are equipped to service our direct warehousing, distribution, retail and e-commerce customer needs:

  • Cross Dock & Transload

  • Sortation & Assembly

  • Drop Ship and E-commerce Fulfillment

  • Point-of-Sale, Club Store and Gaylord Construction

  • UCC 128 Labeling

  • Product Return Processing

  • Food Grade Storage (non-perishable)

  • Union Pacific Rail Sidings

  • LTL & FTL Delivery

  • Harbor & Rail Container Drayage

  • U.S. Customs Bonded and General Order Warehousing

  • Over 850,000 Square Feet of Warehousing Space

  • 24 Hour Security

  • On-time and Accurate Deliveries to Customers

  • 24/7 EDI with ANSI x 12 transaction sets

Industry Leader




























American Chain of Warehouses


Logistics World


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